Planning your EV route has never been easier

Why to choose InCharge?

Real-time data

During route planning the algorithm takes into account real-time weather, geographical and traffic parameters to give the most precise estimation for your journey.

Easy to use

Planning your long-distance EV journey in only two minutes? It is possible with us thanks to the handy user interface of the app.


At the beginning of the planning you can adjust what percentage your battery is at and also what you would like to do during charging.

What is InCharge?

Planning a long trip for electric car users can be a complicated, 30 minutes long process full of estimations, questions and problems. When will the car run out? Where should I charge it? How much will it cost? How can I spend my free time during the stop?
These problems are solved by InCharge.
Our product is a travel planner application. Using real-time and historical data to accurately estimate the battery discharge, the algorithm can plan an optimal route by inserting the charging points, taking into account the preferred activity of the user during charging: either having a coffee, a lunch or shopping for the family. The simplicity and convenience of the application is provided by the interface: the user gives the current state of charge, the destination and leisure preference and then transmits the route planned by the algorithm into the navigation system with one click.

Main features

Real-time weather data

The algorithm includes live weather data with purpose of estimating precisely the discharge of you car’s battery

Geographical data

Our algorithm also uses geographical parameters and road conditions to estimate the range of your car.


Not only can you choose what you would like to do while charging, we will also take you to a charger near your preferred leisure activity and give you discount coupons to it.


Before planning the route you can adjust your main preferences with many options to choose from.

Saving your time

Thanks to the easy-to-use application, you can plan your journey in less than 2 minutes.


With us there is no more range anxiety in your life, you will always reach your destination safe and sound.


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